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Pure White Fresh Garlic Carton Packing

Product: Fresh White garlic raw garlic Varitey: Pure white garlic / Snow white garlic Certification: GAP HACCP SGS Size: 4.5-5.0cm 5.0-5.5cm 5.5-6.0cm 6.0-6.5cm 6.5cm and up Transporting temperature: -3 - 0C Supply time: (all th...

Product: Fresh White garlic raw garlic

Varitey: Pure white garlic / Snow white garlic

Certification: GAP , HACCP , SGS

Size: 4.5-5.0cm , 5.0-5.5cm , 5.5-6.0cm , 6.0-6.5cm , 6.5cm and up

Transporting temperature: -3 - 0°C

Supply time:(all the year round): 
1), Fresh garlic / Early June to Sep
2), Cold storing fresh garlic / September to the next May

OasisFoods started as a small company initially specilalizing in processing fresh garlic and fresh ginger, our garlic factory is located in Jinxiang county, Jining City, Shandong province, which is named as the hometown of garlic in the world, with more than 10 years development , we have been a integrated agricultural products enterprise from Planting, Processing, Storaging, Transporting and exporting.
Carton Small Packing:

3p/bag,10kgs/CTN ||
200g/bag,200g*50bags/CTN || 500g/bag,5kgs/mesh bag
4p/bag,10kgs/CTN || 250g/bag,250g*40bags/CTN || 1kg/bag,1kg*10bags/CTN
5p/bag,10kgs/CTN || 500g/bag,500g*20bags/CTN || 1kg/bag,5kgs/mesh bag

Carton Loose Packing:

10kgs/carton, || 20kgs/carton